The music world is rife with cookie cutter pop stars and over-the-top artistes (hi Gaga!), but it's rare to come across a musician who exudes both Valentino Shoes charisma and the all-important relatability u2014 two things the charming Dev has in spades.

The 22-year-old singer, who you may recognize from her vocals on Far East Movement's hit "Like A G6," or her only solo single "In The Dark," is insanely talented, gorgeous, and one of the most down-to-earth stars we've ever had the pleasure of interviewing. After just a few minutes in her company, she easily made it onto our "Celebs We'd Like To Grab A Beer With" list.

We have a hunch that it was that likability factor u2014 coupled with her amazing talent and unique beauty look, of courseu2014 that prompted CK One to snap Dev up as a "color Valentino Rockstud Shoes tastemaker" for the re-launch of their makeup line. We sat down with the star to learn a bit more about her style, her first album, and why she's a wiz with an eye pencil.

Most recording artists today are either safe and predictable, or over-the-top and constantly reinventing themselves. Where do you think you fall on this spectrum?</strong>
n"Kind of in the middle. I like to do random things u2014 a couple weeks back I bleached my eyebrows off. I do sporadic things and I think that's what's fun about where I am. I get to play around with that. But I definitely haven't shown up anywhere in an egg, or with a Pope impersonator...yet."

How would you describe your style?</strong>
n"I grew up really influenced by rock 'n' roll, and grunge. When I was 10, I thought I was like Kurt Cobain, and you really couldn't tell me any different. Then I grew up and I started with Gwen Stefani u2014 I remember my parents bought me the No Doubt album when I was like nine. I remember them buying me the Eminem album, and me getting more into hip-hop when I was 12, 13, and in high school. So, I like to infuse the influence of hip-hop culture and street culture, with a little bit of that raw undertone. Imperfection is what's really cool to me. Even when I'm performing live, I like when kids see me mess up sometimes, or I like when my voice cracks u2014 that's what I celebrated when I'd go watch my favorite bands. That little bit of imperfection."

Your first album, The Night The Sun Came Up, just came out. How have things changed for you since its release?</strong>
n"I went on my first sort of headlining tour, so I do all of my own venues with these great light set-ups, I have background singers, and all these props u2014 I'm not used to that at all. I have 'in ears' now, so I can hear myself when I sing. You know, all that cool stuff. So it's changed a little bit. I just had a baby [a daughter named Emilia Lovely], so that kind of added to the change, but everything's definitely been good. So nothing too hectic yet."


A lot of up-and-coming artists do their own hair and makeup u2014 are you really good at doing your own beauty looks?</strong>
n"I did my own hair makeup up until right now, this tour that I'm on right now. I'd curl and style Valentino Shoes Sale it myself, and do my own makeup."